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Design and comfort in the work area - office armchairs

13 Maja 2019

The effectiveness of mental work depends on many factors. One of them is the equipment we use to perform our tasks. Whether in the office or in the home office, comfort and ergonomics should be at the forefront. These considerations are of particular importance in the case of armchairs - indispensable companions of desks. Those from the Unique offer will guarantee the possibility of taking a comfortable position, even during long hours of performing professional duties.


Contemporary "office space" in no way resembles typically furnished interiors from the ancient times, where it was in vain to look for equipment that cares about maintaining the right attitude. Today, both employees and employees are aware of the benefits of using ergonomic furniture, as well as the risks associated with abandoning this important issue. As a result, company decision-makers are looking for optimal solutions that combine practical advantages with a visual aspect related to their representative function. The elegant, timeless swivel seats offered by the Unique brand are also a distinctive feature of the company's activity, which is guided by a strong motto: "Design for people". The range of products manufactured under this brand name is created with the customer in mind - it is intended to serve the customer as best as possible. This is evidenced by a wide range of models that have already inscribed themselves in the contemporary office landscape.



Spinelly - anatomical inspiration for back health

There is no need to convince anyone about the huge role of the spine in everyday life. It is the skeleton of our body - its base, without which it would be impossible to perform the simplest tasks, such as getting up or sitting straight. His anatomy became the inspiration for Spinelly's seat, which provides support similar to that provided by the structure of our body's vertebrae, while at the same time relieving it. The flexible back of the chair moves together with the user, allowing for so-called "active sitting". All thanks to the use of a unique rib design, combined with an elastomer spine system. The frame is made of polypropylene, which is neutral - white or black. The five-star base, made of polished aluminium, topped with nylon wheels, guarantees stability and mobility of the equipment, and the self weighing mechanism automatically adjusts the resistance of the backrest to the weight of the user (maximum 130 kg load). The soft padded armrests provide proper support for the forearm. They are also adjustable, as are the lumbar support, headrest, height and depth of the seat.




Apollo - divine freedom

The name reserved for the mythological god of beauty, art, inspiration and healing has not without reason become the name of another, no less functional and elegant series of office armchairs. Apollo's swivel furniture brings style and sophisticated design to the workplace, but also ergonomics that have a positive effect on the health and productivity of its users. Profiled backrest, seat and armrests form a compact whole with a very attractive, modern look, and above all a stable construction, made of high quality plastic. The body of the armchair is covered with a pleasant to the touch, airy, abrasion-resistant fabric in various versions of the finish. Its wide surface is suitable for people of different body structure, and the ability to adjust the height allows you to optimally adjust the parameters for growth. MULTIBLOCK's built-in tilt mechanism allows the backrest to be held in one of several positions or swing freely. The ease of use and the versatility of the Apollo model are also important: Apollo can be used as an employee chair as well as an cabinet chair.





Wau - sports spirit of office furniture

Although there is rarely room for physical activity in the mental workplace, office furniture manufacturers have noticed an analogy between the equipment used in today's "office spaces" and that used in sport. Both groups are supposed to translate positively into human performance - the first in professional activity, the second in the fitness zone. Therefore, Unique brand experts decided to be inspired by sporting talents, bringing to life the Wau model, emanating with its dynamic character. It is a swivel chair with a five-point base made of lacquered aluminium, with the possibility of adjusting almost all of its elements: from the headrests, through the backrest, the lumbar support section, the seat, to the armrests swivelling to the sides. The use of high quality fabric or elastomer nets, which are perfectly breathable, guarantees incredible comfort even during many hours of work. The "SLID" movement mechanism, designed to adapt to the work of human joints and stretch them properly during a moment of relaxation, allows you to hold the backrest in any position or freely swing in the chair. The horizontal axis of rotation is located close to the hip joint, which prevents the back of the furniture from moving relative to the back, providing suitable, constant support, regardless of the position.





Rover - a chair with potential

Looking through Unique's portfolio, it's worth paying attention to one more attractive model. It is a modern, mobile swivel chair Rover, ideal for use in schools and universities. Equipped with a practical 30-litre storage compartment, a 57 x 34 cm tiltable table top at the base level and 360° swivelability, it offers a comfortable writing area and space for your things. What's more, the basket has a beverage rack and a desktop for a tablet or mobile device. So the Rover is designed to work in a limited space. Its strong plastic backrest and seat, made of fabric fabric, ensure proper ventilation and comfort, so everything you need when using the office chair.



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