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Top 5 ergonomic seats

10 Maja 2019

Ergonomically, means healthy and comfortable

Ergonomics is a field of knowledge that is used in the design and manufacture of everyday objects and equipment. The aim is to optimally adapt to psychophysical features and requirements. Comfort in this sense is particularly important in the workplace, both in terms of the number of hours spent at a desk, as well as safety, hygiene and efficiency. In the office space, call center, director's office, etc., as with the addictive game, a key element is a properly selected ergonomic office chair. A long-lasting sitting requires furniture for special tasks, otherwise it leads to ailments such as pain in the back, neck, spine, muscle tension or deformations of the figure, degenerative changes, etc.

Ergonomic chair for the computer and office

Modern office armchairs, which we are happy to use also in home arrangements, should be equipped with appropriate mechanisms and systems. They enable comprehensive adjustment of various elements (headrests, backrests, depths, heights, armrests, etc.). Thanks to this, an ergonomic office or game armchair can be adapted to individual requirements and conditions - starting from height, weight, to the specificity of the workplace (or online fun).

Unique and 5 of the best ergonimic seats

The times when the office space was supposed to be only a place of work, accepting "clients", we have luckily behind us. In the Office and in the home computer games center, it has to be stylish, nice, original, but also comfortable and safe. Therefore, an ergonomic office chair should be the most modern and functional element, but also visually attractive. Such requirements are met by the offer of UNIQUE - a furniture manufacturer that best defines the motto "Design for people". So let's meet the worthy representatives in the category of ergonomic chairs!

Spinelly - an extremely ergonomic chair

fotel spinelly

Which part of the body must "look after" a good armchair? Of course, the spine that suffers most while sitting. Spinelly's chair was inspired by the structure of this unique scaffold in our body. According to the manufacturer's declaration, thanks to the "unique design of the ribs in combination with the elastomeric back system", this is a chair that perfectly reflects the specific support provided by a strong spine. What else is worth knowing about this model? Well, it has many modern solutions:

• headrest and backrest made of breathable mesh,
• seat made of fabric material or leather,
• SYNCHRON self-balancing mechanism - automatically adjusts the resistance of the backrest to the user's weight,
• armrests with soft pads are height-adjustable,
• backrest adjustment for lumbar vertebrae,
• adjustable seat height and depth,
• five-pointed base made of polished aluminum.

Spinelly - the perfect ergonomic chair for your computer, office and cabinet is also a 3-year warranty, maximum load up to 130 kg and attractive, modern design. Certified furniture meets the standards: Bifma x5.1 and EN-1335. It was made of 100% recyclable materials.

Colorful, dynamic WAU and WAU2 armchairs

fotel Wau


The ergonomic WAU chair shows the dynamic, sporty nature of office furniture. Looking at its attractive line, it is difficult to disagree with it, especially when you learn more about the possibilities and modern solutions. Comfort and ergonomics are ensured at every level, from materials to multi-stage regulation of almost all components. Elastomer fabrics or mesh provide excellent air circulation, which is why WAU is also the perfect ergonomic computer chair for hours of online battles. Let's Take a look at the possibilities of this unique piece of furniture:

• headrest, backrest and seat made of mesh or fabric material with high air permeability,
• in the ELASTOMER option elements are made of elastomer,
• SLID movement mechanism, is stopping the backrest in any position or freely swinging,
• horizontal axis of the seat and backrest rotation at the hip joint - optimal, permanent support in every position,
• plastic armrests with height adjustment and sideways tilt,
• backrest adjustment for lumbar vertebrae,
• height adjustment of headrest and backrest,
• five-pointed base made of polished aluminum.

The seat has a three-year warranty, meets the standards of strength, durability and safety. The WAU2 model is a newer version with a wider and even more comfortable backrest. The advantage of WAU models is a wide range of fabric colors (18) or mesh (6). It is a perfect piece of furniture for an elegant office and a comfortable, designer ergonomic computer chair.

Set your level of comfort - an ergonomic HERO armchair

fotel hero


The Hero model proudly represents modern office armchairs, has a wide range of adjustments and a perfectly profiled seat, provides comfort of sitting work and reduces the load on the spine. It is worth to learn more about the possibilities of this piece of furniture:

• seat is made of high quality fabric or mesh,
• headrest and backrest made of a breathable mesh or SM fabric material,
• SYNCHRON - self-weighing mechanism,
• 3D armrest adjustment in up-down, front-rear, sideways directions,
• backrest adjustment for lumbar vertebrae,
• seat depth and height settings,
• height adjustment of the headrest,
• five-arm aluminum base.

HERO is the perfect office chair - ergonomic and modern. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty and durability up to 130 kg.

Ergonomic and economical TUNE seat

fotel tune


The TUNE armchair provides a range of modern solutions and comfort, and at the same time does not ruin the budget. Choosing this armchair - ergonomic, for office and computer workstation, we will use the following systems and modern solutions:

• a backrest made of a mesh to ensure air circulation,
• seat and headrest made of resistant fabric Or natural leather,
• adjustable seat and headrest height,
• backrest adjustment for lumbar vertebrae,
• 8-stage backrest height adjustment (ratchet mechanism),
• adjustable armrests up-down, front-back, side-to-side,
• the SYNCHRON deflection mechanism,
• full rotation of 360,
• load up to 130 kg.

The armchair has a two-year manufacturer's warranty, it is comfortable, stylish, provides regulation of the most important parameters according to the figure, height and weight. Its durability and safety are confirmed by the required certificates.

Modern design and sitting ergonomy in the FORTE seat

fotel biurowy forte

Forte office armchair will fit into an office arrangement, fits into a home studio, provides comfort to computer game amateurs. His most important advantages are:

• construction is made of high quality plastic,
• backrest and headrest made of airy mesh material,
• seat with pleasant and abrasion-resistant fabric material,
• armrests made of soft plastic, with sideways and up - down, front - back adjustment,
• lumbar support with depth and height adjustment,
• driving star made of polished aluminum,
• Synchron self-weighing mechanism, the tilt force is automatically adjusted to the user's weight,
• wheels for soft surfaces.

Modern FORTE armchairs has two-year warranty, maximum load up to 130 kg and quality and strength confirmed by certificates (PN-EN 1335-1: 2004, PN-EN 1335-2: 2009, PN-EN 1335-3: 2009). The manufacturer provides the possibility of choosing from 18 colors of upholstery materials or 3 colors of natural leather Comfort and ergonomic position safe for the spine – this is what we expect from the perfect chair for the computer and the office. Crucial meaning has materials that are used, modern technologies and the ability to adjust the chair to settings to the specificity of the silhouette, work and the number of hours spent in the sitting position are of the highest importance. Each of the presented ergonomic UNIQUE office armchairs meets the highest requirements. Therefore, there is nothing else but to "try it on" and choose the most comfortable model that maches with the interior design.

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