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Healthy chair for the spine: Spinelly

13 Maja 2019

How do you manage when your office spine can barely support your workload? A piece of furniture comes with help.

Everyone has their own limit of endurance and sometimes you need outside support. When we bend too often, we can finally break. What if we had a second spine that would hold us vertically, even when we forgot God's world?



To protect the correct posture

To guard the correct posture of the body

By keeping our attention on abstract issues for hours, all our consciousness is concentrated in our minds and we have actually left our bodies. We seem to be physically present somewhere, but we wouldn't be able to answer the question of where our legs are and whether our back is comfortably supported. We may be hurting ourselves, but we don't feel it at all.

From this reflection Spinelly was born - an office assistant who tirelessly watches over our correct attitude. But he doesn't punish us for slouching like a harsh teacher, on the contrary - he is a soft, comfortable support in every minute of our professional life.

We are talking about an office chair whose form was inspired by the structure of human circles. Spinelly simulates the support provided by the spine, enabling us to sit actively, that is, to sit upright and the muscles that make up our inner corset work all the time. What's more, the chair moves with us thanks to the system of ribs, which in combination with the elastomeric backrest build the backrest structure.

czarny ergonomiczny fotel biurowy

szaro-czarny ergonomiczny fotel biurowy

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The answer of your back needs


Although each of us is different and Spinelly is always the same, we don't have to fear that we'll be a bad couple. The chair is equipped with a self-weighing mechanism, which makes the backrest resistance adjusted to the weight of the seated person. In addition, we can easily adjust the height of the seat and armrests. The possibilities of personalization do not end with issues related to functionality - we can choose from as many as 18 colors of textile seat upholstery and 3 variants of leather upholstery, and the furniture frame made of polypropylene is available in black or white. The polished aluminium base gives Spinelli an elegant touch.

czarny ergonomiczny fotel biurowy stojący bokiem

czarny ergonomiczny fotel biurowy bez zagłówka

Healthy chair for your spine

Anything worthwhile requires consistency and discipline. But it is best when we manage to assimilate positive habits in passing, without feeling that we are making a big effort. So there is a chance that the right attitude, worked out together with Spinelli, will come to us without any effort even after working hours.




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